What is the origin of the term Bluetooth?

Bluetooth communications is a  protocol designed especially for low-power devices, which require short transmission range and are based on low-cost transceivers. The devices that use this technology the most were the ones that sought to replace the cable for communications between devices.  These included PDAs, mobile phones, laptops, personal computers, printers or digital cameras.

Where does the word "bluetooth" come from? To know the origin of this term we must go back to 1994. This is when one of the inventors, Jim Kardach, proposed the name of one of the Viking kings, namely Harald Blåtand, whose English translation is Harald Bluetooth.

This Viking king was known for unifying the Norwegian and Swedish-Danish tribes and converting them to Christianity. Because of the parallelism with the unification of the communication of the digital systems, the name Bluetooth sounded more than suitable. Since this Viking king was also passionate about blueberries, the Bluetooth technology logo would end up having a bluish color (like many blueberries) and the initials of the Viking king's name and surname joined together. 

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