The most dangerous position to have sex

For their experiment, experts examined the cases of 44 men who presented, in a period of 13 years, a fractured penis. 28 cases of a fractured penis occured in hetrosexual relationships, 4 during homosexual sex and 6 of them from masturbation and finally 4 in circumstances ‘difficult to describe’.

The study, published in the journal Advances in Urology, explains that half of the patients remembered having heard a click or crackling and then subsequent pain during sex, but took between 5-6 hours to go to the hospital. This was either due to embarrassment or being unaware that the ‘clicking’ noise was something to be concerned about. 

The investigation concluded that one of the most common sexual positions, where the woman is on top the man, is the most dangerous. This position was found to be the most frequently mentioned scenario that caused penile fractures in the study. In total 22 penis fractures were caused by this position.

 "Our study supports the fact that sexual intercourse with the woman on top is potentially the most risky sexual position, when it comes to the possibility of fracturing the penis " the experts clarify. 

The reason seems to be that when the woman is on top, it is more difficult for the man to control the intensity of penetration and to be able to identify if the penetration is causing pain that can result in the fracture of the penis. 

Even though woman-on-top sex is deemed to be the most dangerous, it's still really not that dangerous at all. It's so rare, there really isn't much of a statistic for it. In the 13 years this study was conducted, fewer than 100 people came out with injuries. So, we’d say it’s safe to carry on having sex as you wish. 

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