The things that take the most energy from us

The weight of complaints

A lot of people have made a habit of complaining about... pretty much everything. Any reason or pretext is sufficient to utter the complaint or degree of dissatisfaction with something or someone. The outcome of this chain of complaints is that we end up unconsciously focusing a large part of our energy on locating our next cause of complaint, something that gives us little satisfaction, logically.


That’s right. The continuous disorder hinders your balance, as the chaos of your home will force you, on the one hand, to spend precious time looking for that which you wish to locate and, on the other hand, your brain will remain in a state of uncertainty all the time. This disorganisation will imply extra tiredness when the end of the day arrives. Another pinch of energy that goes without realising. It is therefore advisable that our home is clean and tidy so that everything flows easily.

Worrying for no reason

Anticipating events and adding the full range of possibilities or consequences that a situation can give us only adds completely unnecessary stress and anxiety. When something hasn’t happened, we don’t have to spend as much energy worrying about it, since it is likely that these negative effects will ultimately not happen or will not come out as we think. The best thing is to focus on what is happening at the moment and face those consequences when they come, if they come at all.

Don’t leave it until tomorrow...

What you can do today. The popular saying comes as a ring to the finger to associate another agent that robs us of more energy every day. Thus, postponing pending tasks and remembering that we have these tasks in queue, is almost more exhausting for our organisation than deciding and getting down to work. Less tension.

Having the courage to say 'no'

There are many people who, whether to make others feel good, out of sorrow or out of fear of rejection, end up with an infinite tower of tasks that causes them a great fatigue, both physical and mental; But your time is just as valuable as everyone else’s, so you should make sure you have time for yourself, your hobbies, and your family. It is equally important to rest. Despite the rhythm of our present society, rest must also be made a healthy habit.

Holding a grudge

Feelings of resentment and hatred consume our energy slowly but tirelessly. In fact, if we don’t get rid of them over the years, they can lead to diseases, because let us not forget how important mental health is. In doing so, we must resolve ourselves, turn the page and take the relevant decisions. If we are wrong, we must always remember that our mistakes are part of learning and the foundation of the person we become.

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