Starfleet? That's the U.S. Space Force logo.


With the introduction of the new U.S. Space Force uniforms, the new logo of the newly created branch of the U.S. Armed Forces has also been unveiled. And it hasn't disappointed: the logo is inspired by the Star Trek Starfleet logo. 


They share many elements: the delta shape, the starry background... Why did they make it so similar? Is it a homage to the world-renowned movies?

The new Space Force logo is a combination of the old Air Force Space Command logo and the NASA logo. And it's no wonder, because "over the past 50 years, Star Trek has influenced scientists, engineers and even astronauts to reach beyond their potential," according to a NASA article. So we should not be surprised by this decision, which is a deliberate tribute to an innovative television programme that went further than anyone ever imagined. Star Trek inspired many people with its vision of humanity overcoming old disputes and working together.

Trump officially launched the U.S. Space Force in December when he signed the $738 billion National Defense Authorization Act for the fiscal year 2020, which aims to safeguard U.S. assets and interests in space.

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