China uses drones asking citizens to wear masks to protect themselves from the coronavirus

The Chinese Government is working to ensure that its citizens comply with safety recommendations to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, which has already left tens of thousands infected and hundreds of deaths in the Asian territory. Some images and videos show volunteers patrolling the streets to remind their neighbours to wear masks or to stay indoors.

The country has gone to extreme measures, relying on technology to ensure that their protective measures are being taken seriously. They are doing this by using drones with loudspeakers...

Small unmanned aerial vehicles are flying over both urban and rural areas. Thanks to their flight capabilities and the fact that they carry cameras, they are used as an efficient surveillance tool. Their loudspeakers remind passers-by to wear their masks for a walk or to stay in their homes when they have been instructed not to leave.

This method has become a peculiar and creative formula used by Chinese officials to speak directly to neighbours and citizens who are not taking anti-coronavirus measures or recommendations seriously.

Creativity to power

Those who have come across these drones on their way have been quite perplexed, especially in the case of older people or those living in more isolated places. At first, they try to look up to find out where the voice that is speaking to them is coming from. Once the source has been identified, they do not escape from their amazement.

In addition to speaking to them directly, the country's public administration workers also reportedly recorded some slogans and even jingles (small advertisements with music) in local dialects to warn and dissuade the more fractious citizens.

"Playing mah-jong in the street is forbidden during the epidemic. You've been seen. Stop playing and leave as soon as possible," an official told a group of neighbours. "The handsome boy on the phone. Where's your mask?" a policewoman pointed out to a young man. "Don't look at the drone, kid. Ask your father to leave immediately," another officer asked a young boy he had noticed in the presence of the airborne vehicle. "Girls who eat while walking, please put on their masks. You can eat when they get home," recalled another officer.

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