Technology startup produces first ‘smart’ contact lenses

Mojo Vision

American startup company, Mojo Vision, has revealed it’s latest contact lenses, Mojo Lens, which can display data like calendar information and health statistics using augmented reality. 

Described as the world’s first intelligent contact lenses, the lenses project light in front of the user’s eye - meaning information can still be seen when the eyes are shut.

While it may seem like an invention out of the realms of science fiction, these smart lenses are becoming a reality. The lenses remain a prototype, but after more than a decade of research, the company has proven that their creation works. Presented to the world as what Mojo Vision's Senior Vice President of Marketing, Steve Sinclair, calls, the dawn of “invisible computing” - the lenses provide a platform that overlays information about what we can see in the real world, without the need for an external device.

Mojo Lens was most recently showcased at the CES 2020 technology convention in Las Vegas. 

"The Mojo Lens incorporates a number of breakthroughs and proprietary technologies, including the smallest and densest dynamic display ever made, the world’s most power-efficient image sensor optimised for computer vision, a custom wireless radio, and motion sensors for eye-tracking and image stabilisation," Mojo Vision explains.

There’s clearly some seriously complex technology involved in the lenses, but they’re remarkably easy to use. When wearing the glasses all you need to do is look around the corner in any direction and you’ll begin to see pop-up icons such as your calendar, music playback or weather forecast for example. You can then expand the icons and read or listen to whichever information you choose. 

Mojo Vision is positioning its contact lenses for consumers and businesses, but first it's focusing on people who are visually impaired or have low vision, so we think it’ll be a few more years before these futuristic lenses are available on the high-street. 

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