Runners unite across the globe

Races might be cancelled but runners will virtually unite to celebrate the joy of movement on Wednesday 3 June.

Running has a wonderful way of uniting people together - even at a time when it’s necessary to remain apart.

Many races and physical running events have been cancelled in all corners of the world as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but Global Running Day 2020 (Wednesday 3 June) will virtually unite thousands of runners, who will run to celebrate the power of movement. 

Changes over the last few months have seen runners use their creativity to keep training in a range of different ways at home. From running up and down their living rooms, personal trainers and professional runners offering free online workouts for the masses - to strength training with bottles of water, milk cartons and broomsticks - it’s surprising what exercise goals can be achieved without leaving your home. 

As we stride into June, many countries are seeing lockdown measures reduced, meaning seasoned runners and those newer to the sport are once again able to take to the pavements, parks, beaches and trails to stretch their legs and seek that runner’s high - while remaining responsible. 

In time for Global Running Day on Wednesday 3 June, various organisations across the world are preparing for their own virtual celebrations to unite runners while they remain physically apart. 

There are virtual races taking place through the day, fundraising runs throughout the week and the opportunity to pledge your own distance on the Global Running Day website to ensure all abilities can get involved. As you make a pledge you can share your motivation behind why you run or who you’ll be running for, a great way to enhance a sense of community.

Global Running Day is all about promoting good health and fitness through movement. It’s not a competition for the fastest or the fittest. 

It really doesn’t matter how fast you run or how far you go - what’s important is that you take part and get moving. You could run a lap or two around your garden, go on a long walk with your dog, or take to the streets - keeping a safe social distance from others (at least 10 metres is ideal). 

The main thing is to have fun and stay safe while getting active.

The running community is one of the most supportive forces out there, so if you’re nervous or new to running - don’t worry - you are welcome - everyone was a beginner at some point.

So it’s time to get ready, lace up, and start moving.

Katie Burt

Katie Burt

When not found with a laptop at my fingertips, it's likely I'll be running, swimming, attempting to cycle or seeking out decent coffee.

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